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銃の気 - SAPH Top Gas

Top Gas is used for our Top gas powered Airsoft toys. Top gas powers the slide as well as the airsoft pellet inside the shell casing. This is high power and high quality top gas.

Technical Reference:
Contents: CH2, FCF3, CH3
Water Content: 0.005%
Acid Content: 0.0001%
Volume: 1100ml
12.1 KG (Outdoor Summer)
11.4 KG (Room Temperature)
10.2 KG (Outdoor Winter)



銃の気 - SAPH 134a Gas

134a Gas is used for our gas powered Airsoft toys. This gas is perfect for the Japanese models, which cannot work on the green gas at all. In fact, they get destroyed by this gas. With HFC-134a, they work perfectly. The most reliable way to find out whether a particular gun model could work on some variety of gas is to contact your customer service representative or go through the instruction manual of the gun. The green gas cannot tolerate higher temperatures where HFC-134a airsoft gas works on the air soft guns perfectly. In some countries, one needs to switch between both the gases through out the year using one gas in one climate and the second gas in another.

Technical Reference:
Contents: CH2FCF3
Volume: 550ml



1.Remove the magazine by pressing the magazine release button. Do not drop the magazine on the floor or hard surfaces to avoid breaking or deforming the magazine.

2.Hold the magazine upside down and press the magazine seal lock to move the lower seal forward as illustrated in your operation manual. As the lower seal moves forward, stop pressing the magazine seal lock. If the lower seal lock is wide open, your finger may get caught.

3. There is a gas insert valve underneath the lower seal. Hold the gas can upside down and press the cylinder nozzle into the valve. The magazine and the gas can need to be vertically straight. When gas is inserted properly, you hear the gas sound "SHUUU." IMPORTANT NOTE: When referring to "gas" we are referring to "top gas."

4. After enough gas is inserted, extra gas may come out. Stop filling gas if that happens. Always leave the magazine for a while to let the gas temperature adjust and then use.

- If the temperature is very warm, gas-charging may cause reverse reaction. Warm gas may be pushed back into the gas can and the magazine remains empty.
- When the magazine gets too warm, leave the magazine for a while. After the magazine cools down, try to recharge gas.
- Remember to keep the magazine cool.
- Always use exclusive top gas. Never use non-standard or other brand name gas to avoid possible damage or breakage of the air soft gun. Other brand name gas may have different nozzle sizes.
- Never try to warm the gas temperature or elevate the gas pressure to avoid explosion.
- Be careful not to spray the gas on the clothes or on your body.
- We are not responsible for any accidents, events, injuries, or repair costs arising from wrong operation or handling of the AirSoft gun and gas cylinder or by modification or disassembly of the AirSoft gun or gas.